Get Involved

You can Get Involved in ministering to persecuted Believers. Select the option/s for your preferred involvement from the buttons on the RHS. 

  1. Letter Writing
    • To write your personal message to a fellow Christian imprisoned for their faith in Jesus Christ click Letter Writing
    • Select the Prisoners tab then select either a prisoner from the All Prisoners list or select View by Country then select a Prisoner from that country.
    • On the Prisoner Profile select Write a Letter and follow the instructions. Print out the letter and post it to the address provided.
    • This service is provided by courtesy of The Voice of the Martyrs, USA.
    • Click Procedure to view or print a PDF version of a step-by-step procedure for letter writing
  2. Newsletter Request
    • Our free monthly newsletter, The Voice of the Martyrs, is available in English and Afrikaans in hard copy format. 
    • The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter will provide you with news of Believers who are persecuted because of their faith in Jesus Christ and, in many cases, their faithful service to their Saviour in the face of severe opposition. You will receive the monthly Prayer Parlour Diary which will help you to daily pray for conditions and situations in countries of Christian persecution. You will learn about special projects that CMI operate to provide assistance and encouragement to these Believers. You will be given opportunity to make such projects become a reality by your financially involvement.
    • Please complete the request form and submit by email. 
  3. Praying for the Persecuted
    • Would you like to be an effectual Prayer Partner for the Persecuted Church?
    • You can receive free weekly updates by email. Sign up at the following link for your Prayer Watch.
    • This service is provided by courtesy of Voice of the Martyrs, Australia.
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