Representing The Voice of the Martyrs in Southern Africa

The beginnings of Christian Mission International may be traced back to 1968 when a South African Christian businessman travelled to England to attend a missions conference of European Christian Mission. At that conference he met Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who had recently been released from 14 years of communist imprisonment, and his wife, Sabina, who had spent three years in a forced labour camp (and several years house arrest after her release) in their native land of Romania. From the results of that meeting God began working in the heart of this businessman.

Upon his return to South Africa, from the study at his home, he set about arranging for Pastor Richard Wurmbrand to visit and speak across the country. In preparation for the visit hundreds of copies of Pastor Wurrnbrand's testimony of suffering, Tortured for Christ, were circulated across the nation. In Spring of 1969 Pastor Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand visited South Africa.

Many thousands of interested people attended meetings to hear this former prisoner of communism tell his moving message of persecution and of the Persecuted Church in communist countries. Initially from a home study the response to these meetings was attended to. Amidst many, many letters, donations, phone calls and enquiries of every sort, a mission was being born, Christian Mission International.

Contact with interested persons was maintained through the monthly newsletter The Voice of the Martyrs. Initially an English edition from the American mission office was posted to an ever growing mailing list.

As the Mission grew the “office” was moved from that home study to two rented offices in central Johannesburg. A dedicated Christian lady answered the call to attend to the business of this infant mission organisation. Little did those who were involved in the infancy of the Mission realise that God was forming a work that would soon grow into a vital voice on behalf of the persecuted Christians around the world! "Wonderful are the workings of divine grace!"

Shortly thereafter a larger office facility in Johannesburg was rented. In those days it was known as Christian Mission to the Communist World. The growing interest and response called for the development of a South African edition of the monthly newsletter which was published in both English and Afrikaans.

As the Mission grew and developed by God’s grace a new step of faith was taken in 1973 to start in-house printing. A litho printing press was purchased which was used to publish the cry and condition of the Persecuted Church for Southern African readers.

In 1977 God directed the Mission to a more spacious location in Krugersdorp, West of Johannesburg. The Lord provided wonderfully over the years and the Mission grew from that small study to an office complex. All concerned accepted that this was now the permanent headquarters of the Mission, but in 1982 God again led the Mission to move its facilities. Direction was given by God to those concerned to seek accommodation on the East side of Johannesburg and eventually back to the very house in the Germiston region where the Mission was born in the study in 1969. In 1983 the move took place after the necessary renovations and extensions were made to the existing facilities in order to accommodate the offices and printing facilities.

From this location Christian Mission International reaches out across Southern Africa with the message of the Persecuted Church of Jesus Christ. The Lord has provided the means whereby this organisation is almost self-contained. Equipment includes printing equipment, guillotine, folder, addressing machine, the usual necessary office equipment. A computer system is utilized for maintaining and processing the address data for the free monthly newsletter The Voice of The Martyrs, as well as much of the bulk correspondence and document processing. Quantities of relevant books, DVD's and literature are stocked and orders processed through our mail order division. All our tracts clearly explain that the only solution to man's problem is found in Jesus Christ the Saviour. The staff of workers perform their duties faithfully as unto the Lord in order to keep the entire project operative in an efficient and effective manner by the Grace of God.

Christian Mission International is a member of The International Christian Association which is an umbrella organisation of missions around the world continuing the ministry given by God to the founders, Pastor Richard and Mrs Sabina Wurmbrand. CMI functions in cooperation with other member missions, many named The Voice of the Martyrs.

We do not equate bigness with blessing, for it is written in God's Word "...who hath despised the day of small things?" (Zech. 4:1 0). The phenomenal growth and outreach of this mission has been the work of God and not the efforts of genius and cunning. The workers of Christian Mission International recognise this miracle and rejoice to give God the "glory and praise" for all He has done. "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes" (Ps. 118:23).


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